Practice Buddy is the musical student's preferred app and the music teacher's best toolkit

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Practice Buddy motivates kids to practice their musical instruments and helps teachers keep students on track

Practice Buddy makes practicing a musical instrument fun. Customize your practice session by listing how many practice sessions a student needs to earn an incentive (a special treat, prize, or other reward). Set reminders to your local app calendar to remind yourself to practice. Set the timer when you're ready to practice and the countdown begins! View your progress in the progress screen. Make Practice Buddy your own by choosing which musical instrument you practice. We love all kinds of music, from electric guitar to voice.

The Practice Buddy Teachers' Companion App which is paired with Practice Buddy allows a music teacher to be notified when a student reaches his or her personal practice goal. The teacher can then provide commentary and even award stickers!

Practice Buddy motivates kids to practice and helps teachers help their students.

Practice Buddy for Students

Practice Buddy includes the ability to login, save your preferences, time your practice sessions, review your progress via lists of sessions, and schedule reminders to practice. Once a goal is achieved, the app sends an email to the teacher, requesting feedback. The student can check the feedback section of the app to get comments and stickers from their music teacher.

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Practice Buddy for Teachers

Practice Buddy Companion App for Teachers allows a music teacher to give feedback within the app to his or her student. Add comments in the feedback section where the student will see your notes. Add a sticker to the session if you like, your student will be thrilled! Practice Buddy helps you help your students become better musicians.

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